Fort For The Day

You know, in a very real sense, if Jesus were here today, faced with global financial meltdown and other topical newspaper headlines, he would, I think, wear a chunky knitted cardigan. Most sensible folk would do the same.

Mr Key, on the other hand, is going to barricade himself inside Fort Hoity. Or possibly Fort Toity.



5 Responses to “Fort For The Day”

  • I find that “The Christ” has little or nothing of relevance to the current predicament… if only we had a more contemporary figure to turn to for advice and solace? Perhaps a writer of pamphlets, rather than a mythical messiah type-figure in the tradition of Isis such as Jesus.

  • Mr Key, I think you should pitch this concept to Radio 4.

  • “Fort for the day” should encourage perspectives from minority religions.

    It should be a spiritual or moralistic monologue delivered every week-day at approximately breakfast-time by a cultist, monomaniac or delusional loon who has barricaded himself into a fort provided just for this purpose.

  • I’m more of a bunker man myself…
    Fort and bunker living has improved greatly now that most major supermarkets deliver to the portcullis/3-foot-thick-cast-iron-door…
    I notice, on closer inspection, that your chosen refuge is lacking a portcullis and I fear for your safety…


  • OSM : Insufficiently barricaded… it’s the story of my life.

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