Lost Books, Real And Imagined

I am currently reading – or peering at, with my iffy eyes – The Book Of Lost Books by Stuart Kelly (2005). Among other things I have learned is that we have lost a work by the ancient polymath Callimachus (c.320 – c.340 BCE) entitled On The Changes Of The Names Of Fish. I, for one, would love to read it, and I suspect it inspired a dream I had, where I came upon a copy of On The Stiffness Or Otherwise Of Bolts Of Cloth by Rotting Engineering Equipment Jr.

Resurrection (And Chant)

Crikey! I think that must be the longest period of eerie silence at Hooting Yard since records began fourteen years ago. Much has happened in the interim. Well … not that much. There has been ongoing eye trouble (not yet resolved), regular shows on Resonance – available on Mixcloud – where I have been looking at past investigations of plums and swans and Captain Nitty, and a brief trip to Scotland. Oh, and I was asked to name a trawler.

To ease you back in to what they call the Hooting Yard Experience, I bring you the work of Charles Anthony. I have no idea who Mr Anthony is, but he is clearly a very sensible man. Please take a minute to marvel at this and this.