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A potted biography of Mr Key will appear here when sufficient information about him becomes available. Elsewhere on the interweb there is a completely spurious account of his life, not a word of which is true – nor is it clear which hopelessly deluded ragamuffin wrote it.

Meanwhile, if you wish to contact Mr Key for any reason, for example to offer him lavish sums of money or to book him for a public reading, you may write to him at hooting[dot]yard[at]gmail[dot]com

You can read more about Mr Key’s work by following these links:

The Guardian Books Blog

(Different) Kettle Of Fish

Isaac’s Blog


The latter piece dates from 1993 so gives a certain historical perspective. Also online is a 1996 review of the old Hooting Yard website from:

The Independent On Sunday

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  1. I am age 76 from Dunfermline .Scotland I have been a compulsive writer for half my life I write about a fictional philosopher of my generation Alan Moelwyn Wright known as The Socrates Of Charford I have the very utmost difficulty with computers I can attempt to forward you a story written through Alan M Wright s voice which has an appalling climax yet expresses his principles

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