Diligent readers of the Comments will know that the other day I got into a bit of a flap when someone had the temerity to include one of those godawful smiley faces to accompany her observations on the “Prophet” Mohammed cartoon. Indeed, so grumpy did I become that I could only becalm myself by mooing like a cow, which I am given to understand is a proven relaxation technique peddled by stress counsellors. I mooed the afternoon away, and so intensely did I immerse myself in cowdom that, at dusk, I found myself standing in a field, staring blankly at nothing, while gnats and midges hovered in the air around me.

While I was thus engaged, Antipodean Hooting Yard researcher Glyn Webster made better use of his time. He has devised an extremely helpful Table Of Non-Blötzmann Smileys which is reproduced below. Mr Webster has suggested that it may be possible for a boffin to tinker with the WordPress software to make these the default symbols for Hooting Yard and, while I do not encourage the use of them at all, this is well worth looking into.

















10 thoughts on “Table

  1. I think Mr Green bears a striking resemblance to Little Severin the Mystic Badger, and would like to move that it be used to represent him. We may have to change his element from ‘antimony’ to ‘antipathy’, however, to reflect Mr Key’s anti-badger bias…

  2. Glad to see that ‘lol’ retains some relation to my aforementioned theory. The connection to ‘tin’ clearly refers to the fact that many oil lamps were constructed from that particular element.

  3. So, some of the unamed Humours have identified:

    ❓ mercurial

    :mrgreen: severinal mystique

    I’d like to add:

    ❗ Bewolfenbuddled

    But this is as far as we can take intuition! The rest should be determined by medical science.

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