Non-Subliminal Advertising

Apparently, if you use Lulu’s super-duper extra fast express uberexpensive delivery option, it is Not Too Late to receive copies of Hooting Yard books in time for Christmas. (While we are on the subject, I would like to point out that I insist on calling Christmas Christmas rather than one of those wretched multi-or-no-faith euphemisms which are, as we know, abominations not to be tolerated.) So to avoid being faced with sulky disappointed relatives and friends on Christmas Day, go here and order your copies right this minute.

2 thoughts on “Non-Subliminal Advertising

  1. Dear Mr Key

    I have already got copies of your latest book for all of my friends – actually just two of them (I have more friends but they don’t deserve such a wonderful gift). Anyway, the book is perfect in almost every way, but, can I ask that future volumes might have a broader gutter? It would add so much to the layout and save me cracking the spine in an attempt to read right into the inner margins. Hope you don’t mind.

    Best wishes

    Stan Bismark

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