One thought on “Monks Vomiting Toads

  1. Ben Jonson touches on this subect too (minus the monks, admittedly, but with added pins, and wings):

    They said, you were possessed; fall down, and seem so:
    I’ll help to make it good.
    [Voltore falls.]
    God bless the man!
    Stop your wind hard, and swell: See, see, see, see!
    He vomits crooked pins! his eyes are set,
    Like a dead hare’s hung in a poulter’s shop!
    His mouth’s running away! Do you see, signior?
    Now it is in his belly!

    CORVINO: Ay, the devil!

    VOLPONE: Now in his throat.

    CORVINO: Ay, I perceive it plain.

    VOLPONE: ‘Twill out, ’twill out! stand clear.
    See, where it flies,
    In shape of a blue toad, with a bat’s wings!
    Do you not see it, sir?

    CORBACCIO: What? I think I do.

    CORVINO: ‘Tis too manifest.

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