Clowns And Fruitcakes

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This week in my cupboard at The Dabbler, you will find a letter from an inept foreign spy sent on a mission to discover what in heaven’s name is going on in the Westminster bubble. I managed to decipher the enciphered text using incredibly complicated code-breaking techniques devised by Snippage, the code-breaker extraordinaire, who cut his chops on Dobson’s mysterious pamphlet Several Observations On Kathy Kirby, Composed In A Cipher So Baffling That Centuries May Pass Before Anybody Will Be Able To Wring Any Sense From It (out of print). Of course, Snippage failed to decipher the pamphlet in toto, but without his efforts we would not even know the title, which is given on the cover as Gwzhfgsjlf seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter klrtfghsdjwi (uto fo pirnt).

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