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This is a brief housekeeping post which will be of interest only to those who follow Hooting Yard on Twitter. I should first of all explain that I never go anywhere near that site, all the Hooting Yard updates – 2.084 to date – being automatically generated every time I update the blog.

That said, after blowing my raspberry of contempt at Ian Katz it occurred to me that it would be a splendid idea if someone tweeted that particular postage at him. I would do so myself if I knew how. But in investigating the matter, and thus – for once – going to my Twitter page, I discovered, lawks amercy!, that various people who have been “following” me have sent me messages, asked me questions, or generally attempted to engage in conversation. All of these have of course been ignored because I have never seen them.

I do not wish these clearly very perspicacious folk to think ill of me for not responding to them. So, my apologies, but in future I would recommend adding comments here on the blog to those of you who wish to communicate. I am not sure I can face the Twitter experience on a regular basis.

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