Chapter Eleven

In which Flossie has her ears syringed, and Umberto becomes involved in an altercation with a beekeeping enthusiast down by the docks, together with a disquisition upon certain matters related to the crinkling of pastry; also, a chuckling maniac is discovered in the belfry by the intrepid infants, whereupon our story takes a sinister turn, and something terrible happens in a field full of charming cows.

[Remainder of text missing.]

5 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven

  1. ahem…
    That’s ‘Rawlinson’s End’ I think you’ll find…
    And what would an imaginary world populated by demented inbreds, created by an incredibly talented, valium addled lunatic have to do with Hooting Yard?
    You must try harder to separate fantasy from reality R.

  2. Actually, I am quite fond of pernicketry. Lengthy disputes about tiny inconsequential matters have their own momentum, and ought to be allowed to run their course.

  3. Curse my pedant tongue!!
    I conceed in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is, in fact, Rawlinson End…
    I shall now retire to my study, jot a few final goodbyes & then do the decent thing…
    (Although I will probably only manage to shoot myself in the foot yet again.)

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