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Huzzah! The book is done and dusted and the pigeon – which may have been a cumulet – has taken the manuscript away, away! Thank the Lord. But wait. I have still not finished marshalling the bibliography and notes and references into shipshape order. So there remains a spot of drudgery. This mind-numbing task is enlivened somewhat by the fact that my bibliography includes some marvellous titles, which might form an anthology all their own. Here are just a few examples that cheered me up on this rainy day:

Arthur, T. S. Grappling With The Monster, or, The Curse and the Cure of Strong Drink (Lovell 1877)

Cruse, A. J. Matchbox Labels Of The World, With a History of Fire-Making Appliances from Primitive Man to the Modern Match, together with a History of the World’s Labels (Robert Ross 1946)

Goodman, Matthew The Sun And The Moon : The Remarkable True Account Of Hoaxers, Showmen, Dueling Journalists, And Lunar Man-Bats In Nineteenth-Century New York (Basic Books 2010)

Guides at the Dickinson Homestead : Nancy Harris Brose, Juliana McGovern Dupre, Wendy Tocher Kohler, and the Resident-Curator, Jean McClure Mudge, Emily Dickinson : Profile Of The Poet As Cook, With Selected Recipes (Dickinson Homestead 1976)

Hanna, Abigail Stanley Withered Leaves From Memory’s Garland (1857)

Horn, Henry J. Strange Visitors, A Series Of Original Papers, Embracing Philosophy, Science, Government, Religion, Poetry, Art, Fiction, Satire, Humor, Narrative, And Prophecy, By The Spirits Of Irving, Willis, Thackeray, Bronte, Richter, Byron, Humboldt, Hawthorne, Wesley, Browning, And Others Now Dwelling In The Spirit World, Dictated Through A Clairvoyant, While In An Abnormal Or Trance State (1871)

Houdini, Harry Miracle Mongers And Their Methods: A Complete Exposé Of The Modus Operandi Of Fire Eaters, Heat Resisters, Poison Eaters, Venomous Reptile Defiers, Sword Swallowers, Human Ostriches, Strong Men, Etc (Dutton, 1920)

Lavay, Jerome B. Disputed Handwriting : An Exhaustive, Valuable, And Comprehensive Work Upon One Of The Most Important Subjects Of To-day (Harvard 1909)

That will do for the time being. Now I had better get back to work.

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