Cork Effigy

I have recently been having a bash at doing some drawing again. I am not quite sure why I abandoned the practice, but I have to say that after all these years it is not coming easily to me. The best that can be said of the results so far is that they have the slapdash charm of an infant’s daubs. Perhaps I shall persist, perhaps not. Anyway, here is an old one from the vaults, circa 1992. Click on the picture to see a bigger version, and lots of cross-hatching.

4 thoughts on “Cork Effigy

  1. Cork is, I know, a difficult substance to replicate: for which I heap copious praise upon you.
    I was, however, mildly disappointed by the cross-hatching on offer. On closer inspection, very few of your hatches cross, though those that merely hatch, hatch very well indeed…

  2. Your herringbone is a thing of wonder and it’s always a pleasure to see your distinctive eyebrows…
    (I think I may use that sentence as my standard greeting from now on)


  3. G Riecke, OSM : Thank you for, between you, clearing up the whole befuddling issue of hatching, cross-hatching, and herringbone. I shall leave the text as it is, however, otherwise your judicious comments will appear senseless, and that would never do.

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