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I would like to remind readers that Hooting Yard has an eerie, shimmering “presence” on both Facecloth and Witter.

The Facecloth group is sunk in lassitude, but it can be revivified if you lot all join up and start posting the sorts of posts persons post on Facecloth, whatsoever they may be.

The Witter site is automatically updated* every time Mr Key posts something here at Hooting Yard, which means I never have to lift a tweety finger, thank heavens. But I understand that following and retweeting things is a constant activity for half the planet these days, so I encourage you all to get cracking.

*NOTA BENE : Due to inexplicable and quite possibly Lovecraftian forces at work in the aether, the updates have not been appearing for several months. This should be fixed soon, possibly by the time you read this.

2 thoughts on “Facecloth & Witter

  1. I would love to be given the opportunity to contribute my soft soap to your Facecloth, Mr Key, but it does seem rather an exclusive, ‘by invitation only’ sort of place.

  2. I didn’t set it up myself and have no idea how it operates, but I feel sure that if you click “Join Group” one of the Duty Gits will shortly thereafter approve your membership without further ado.

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