Hooting Yard Auction Number One

As promised last week, here is the first in a series of Hooting Yard auctions. This is in the way of an experiment. I might use eBay in future, but I thought I’d keep this one on home turf and see what happens. Unlike the Resonance auctions, proceeds of this one go to the Hooting Yard Mercy Fund For Distressed Out Of Print Pamphleteers. Make your bid(s) in the Comments. Closing date is a week’s time, midnight on Sunday 1st April.

And what are you bidding for? A mint copy of Sidney The Bat Is Awarded The Order Of Lenin, which Mr Key will sign and add a note thanking the successful bidder. A5, 8 pages, illustrated, originally produced for the legendary Counter Productions’ Yuletide World o’ Wonders box in 1990.

sidneythebat.jpg sidneythebat2.jpg

7 thoughts on “Hooting Yard Auction Number One

  1. I would like to bid 4956 Smeltas, our local currency which would be the exact equivelent of £15. Should I have the winning bid I will of course send the money in English pounds as you could probably only exchange Smeltas at the London branch of our national bank.

  2. I’ve just lost the auction on ebay for The House of Turps…
    So I now have at least £20 to bid with…

    I notice there is, what I assume to be, a Scots man bidding and I, of course, am a Yorkshireman. To areas of these fair islands noted for their careful attitudes where financial matters are concerned…

    Frank your gonna stave to death….

  3. Frank I have been trying to bid all evening but it will not seem to update – I want to bid £25. I have had this trouble before trying to add comments – it is still not midnight here in Canada

  4. Well finally mangaged to get my bid in. It is more than I would normally pay for a pamphlet – unless of course it was a particularly rare copy of Spinoza’s Rhubarb – such is art!

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