An Important Anniversary

Peter Blegvad, from “The Unborn Byron”:

Spread the word, tomorrow morn
A future poet shall be born.
From my mother I shall fall
Into the womb that holds us all.
My life shall be a meteor
Which generations shall adore.
For my unbuttoned liberty
The unborn will remember me.

Mr Key, from “The Tiny Newborn Mr Key”:

1959, this very morn
The tiny Mr Key was born
He was a full month premature
When he knocked his fist upon the door
Of the world beyond his mother’s womb
A tiny bright spark in the gloom
And soon the words poured out of him
They pour out still, with ceaseless vim.

3 thoughts on “An Important Anniversary

  1. Happy Birthday Frank. Here is a birthday poem, I hope you like it, as you will get nothing else. It is in the form of a Haiku-Plus:

    Had I had known, I
    would have had a beer.Alas,
    the cupboard was bare, so I

    had my southern fried chicken and curly fries with water.

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