A Subscription For Saint Mungo

Glory be! ‘Tis the fourteenth of January, Saint Mungo’s Day, a landmark date in the Hooting Yard calendar, as important in its way as the third, fourth and fifth of February (the Muggletonian Great Holiday) and the nineteenth of July (the Muggletonian Little Holiday). As far as I am aware, there is absolutely no connection between Saint Mungo and Lodowicke Muggleton’s holy crew, save that the feast days and holidays of both are conscientiously observed here at Hooting Yard, for reasons which I hope are obvious.

As a special treat for readers to celebrate Saint Mungo’s Day, let me announce the new subscription scheme. I know full well that many of you toss and turn at night, victims of a vague sense of unrest, kept awake by the nagging thought that you are able to read this grand panoply of words online absolutely free. A lot of you have generously donated to Mr Key’s almost bare cupboard in the past, and I am mindful of the effort it takes to do so. So now I have devised a scheme whereby you can make regular donations without lifting a finger, apart of course from the initial setting up.

Look! At the top of the page, in the red rectangle, there is a new tab, second from the right, called “Subscriptions”. If you click on it you will be taken to a page showing you the four options available – the Tiny Enid, the Old Halob, the Pebblehead, and the Dobson. Full details are given of the cost of each subscription and the use to which your funds will be put. Having plumped for the one that best suits you, just click on the accompanying button and follow the simple instructions. You will have no more sleepless nights, and can bathe in a warm glow of righteousness that your favourite out of print pamphleteer is better placed to keep the wolf from his door.

The wolf, by the way, is named Martin, and I shall have more to say about him soon.

NOTE : At the moment, that ‘Subscribe’ button in the sidebar takes you automatically to the Old Halob option. It will be fixed, until when use the tab at the top.

5 thoughts on “A Subscription For Saint Mungo

  1. Looks like February is lining up to be a period of whirling ecstasies.
    Hot on the tail of the Muggletonian Great Holiday comes Yoko Ono’s 76th birthday on the 18th of Feb.
    I think some form of Hooting Yard Observance calender might be in order…

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