Pebble Time

Once again it is Pebble Time here at Hooting Yard, so here is a picture of a pebble for you to contemplate, possibly with furrowed brow and drool spilling down your chin.


2 thoughts on “Pebble Time

  1. Where is the scale by which one may judge this pebble??
    Should we use the double decker bus? The football pitch? The Ant? For all I know the illustration could be that of a medium sized rock or one of the larger fungi or one of those garlic dough balls one can purchase in foil containers of six from the “Large Flat Disc Of Dough Smeared With Tomato Sauce Topped With String Like Cheese And Several Items Of Your Own Choosing Kiosk (Free Delivery Within 6 Mile Radius Of Pointy Town On All Orders Over £10). I’m sure you understand my dilemma.

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