Dabbling With Mothballs

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Sad news. The Dabbler has been mothballed for an indefinite period – as explained here. I have been contributing to it pretty much every week for five and a half years. Those of you with more leisure time than sense may wish to consult the full archive of Key’s Cupboard. It merely remains for me to thank the redoubtable Brit and the other Dabblers for their support over half a decade. And do not forget that Dabbler Editions published the comprehensive e-anthology By Aerostat To Hooting Yard, edited and introduced by Roland Clare. If you do not yet have a copy, go and buy one immediately, or you will be set upon in awful nightmares by the Grunty Man.

One thought on “Dabbling With Mothballs

  1. Thanks Frank.

    In the short term The Dabbler is becoming a primarly Facebook-based organ.

    The upsides are: no technical issues or costs; better for chatting and interaction than a blog comments section, which people seem to have largely abandoned (not least because of captcha); and we can publish at random intervals and readers will receive stuff whenever they like, rather than having to check back daily for the latest post.

    The disadvantage is that it’s bloody Facebook. But you can always all just sign up and only follow us!

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