Good Housekeeping

I am attempting to do a spot of Hooting Yard housekeeping, delving into the terrifying innards of WordPress to tweak this website here & there. Frankly, I find my brain befuddled, but progress is being made, albeit slowly.

Thus far, I have managed to make a couple of updates to the sidebar. A while ago, ResonanceFM discontinued its podcasts and, as far as I know, erased them from history. I haven’t worked out how to remove the podcasty links over to your right, but I have inserted a link to the Hooting Yard audio archive on Mixcloud. Shows are available there almost as soon as they have been broadcast.

I recently trod in the puddle of Instagram, and have added a sidebar link so you lot can go and look at pictures posted by out_of_print_pamphleteer.

I shall keep you informed of further refinements if my brain doers not overheat in the meantime.

UPDATE : I’ve also inserted a sidebar Archives section, where you can browse through the morass of potsages [sic] month by month.

FURTHER UPDATE : Those podcast links have now been excised. See the Comments, however, for Old Resonance Hooting Yard Podcasts News, and watch this space …

2 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping

  1. What’s this Frank?:

    I may dust off the skills I learnt for my Scouting (11th Seven Kings) computing badge to make a full backup of the website on hard drive (will delete treasured family photos to make required space).

    Why don’t you upload them all to YouTube you pube? The Advertising revenue would probably provide enough income to commission opulent Hooting Yard pin badges out of diamonds and gold.

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