One thought on “A Man You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. I find Mr Alden’s suggestion of a Frank Key-voiced SatNav intruiging. I suspect it would be most effective with additional coding to ensure the suggested route is circuitous, baffling and erudite. Perhaps it would be best if it only worked in the environs of Hooting Yard*:
    ‘In 200 yards turn left at the titanic cedars.’
    ‘Continue for two miles to Pointy Town.’
    ‘Arriving at destination. Shudder with apprehension.’

    * Data painstakingly extracted from Dobson’s ‘A Stupendous Gazetteer of Hooting Yard and its Environs’ (out of print) and cross-referenced with the most recently available† satellite imagery from Google Maps.

    † The Blister Lane bypass remains mysteriously absent from these images.

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