Those Frankish Kings : A Multimedia Approach

An extract from Mrs Gubbins’ so-called Mission Statement:

“We will seek new ways to enhance our readers’ Hooting Yard experience. For example, we should strain mightily to harness the awesome power of the interweb to create what I think are known as multimedia formats. We should exploit different platforms and portals. The site will strive to be a critical hub for the Hooting Yard community. Now get on with it! You can make a start by bunging in a few pictures so that readers can visualise those Frankish kings mentioned in Annals Of The Frankish Kings, or at least some of them.”

Ever mindful that Mrs Gubbins has a matchless grasp of what really matters in this often perplexing world, we have taken her advice. Here, then, are three of those Frankish kings.


Pippin The Short


Charles The Fat


Louis The Pious

9 thoughts on “Those Frankish Kings : A Multimedia Approach

  1. Wherever did you find that Louis the Pious picture? It looks really interesting. I’d love to have a closer look at the text. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  2. As a child in the 1980s when our schools were replaced with pre-fabricated community-hubs, I am part of that illiterate generation who are cursed with a short span of attention. As a result I find this new fangled multimedia approach to be the only way of cramming knowledge into my befuddled mind. Well done, Key.

  3. As a child in the 1960’s, when our schools were places of humiliating ritual, horrific beatings and sport, I am part of that illiterate generation who are cursed with a short span of attention due to the regular heavy blows to the head I received from hurled blackboard rubbers (Stop that sniggering back there! That’s what they were called in those days). As a result I find this new fangled multimedia approach, tantamount to witchcraft! Please refrain Mr. Key

  4. I am merely trying to follow the directive from Mrs Gubbins. As an octogenarian crone, she herself attended some sort of clapboard parish classroom regularly visited by a beadle. Or possibly a Beatle, although I am not sure which one. Ringo is a likely bet.

  5. Outa_Spaceman, are you sure you’re not exaggerating? Your school sounds like something out of a fictional classic like “Tom Brown’s Community Hub Days”.

  6. Just imagine Flashman in one of today’s community hubs; He would have done rather well I think.

    By the way, have you noticed that our government no longer builds libraries – they are now called “idea stores”. If only there was some kind of directional linear pointing-device indicating how to get to my nearest idea store. I am devoid of ideas today.

  7. I can’t help thinking that both the Community Hub and the Idea Store should occupy the same space in a One Stop Shop, so long as it was robust and fit for purpose.

  8. Bugger this for a game of soldiers. I’m going down the community drinking hub for 500-ml of Old Gubbins’ Ectoplasmic Grog & game of directional linear pointing-devices.

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