Engulfed By Wisps Of Ectoplasm

Unfortunately, Madame Boubou did not enclose a snapshot of her engulfment by ectoplasm with her Message From Beyond. As luck would have it, a trawl through the Hooting Yard Archives turned up this picture which enables lucky readers to see with their own eyes the amazing phenomenon of ectoplasmic hoo-ha:


According to The Minnie Harrison Page, what we see here is “ectoplasm emanating from the Medium’s mouth. Taken in complete darkness using Kodak infra-red plate. Exposure by means of powerful ‘Sashalight’ bulb through ‘Wratten’ glass filter – extremely deep ruby-red colour. The Ectoplasm is emanating from her mouth and in this form it is quite transparent, very similar in appearance and texture to chiffon.”

Those of you who think Minnie Harrison is sitting there in her 1948 Middlesbrough sitting room with a net curtain stuffed in her mouth are sadly deluded and will not get a helping of Madame Boubou’s delicious Boiled Rhubarb Surprise.

4 thoughts on “Engulfed By Wisps Of Ectoplasm

  1. I would think one would use some sort of basin or other ectoplasm containment apparatus rather than just let it all dribble down one’s frock.

  2. I can’t tell if the ectoplasmic flow is being expelled or ingested…
    For this reason I suspect I may be a dunderpate that has missed an obvious clue…

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