Glubb Addendum

In quoting H P Lovecraft earlier, I am reminded that someone I know – who occasionally went by the pseudonym Tex Beard – once recorded himself making a sort of half-liquid bubbling noise – “glub… glub… glub” and used it as his answerphone message.


2 thoughts on “Glubb Addendum

  1. How marvellous! Given that many of the messages I receive sound like the caller is saying ‘glub… glub… glub’, this seems a highly appropriate choice.

  2. Sounds like some smartarse quoting The Thing on the Doorstep, which I always imagined should be read in the style of Groucho Marx. The punchline in the story being that the narrator, faced with a corpse glubbing at him down the telephone, hangs up in irritation with a pithy, “Better hang up and try information.”
    Who was crazier, HPL, Clark Ashton Smith or Robert E. Howard? When is the REH biopic coming out (starring Brad Pitt)?

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