Ten Songs

Here is one of those occasional Hooting Yard music playlists. All these pieces come recommended by the bloated janitor. He may be an unapologetic Blunkettite, but he knows his musical onions, apparently.

Hammond Song, The Roches

Two-Headed Boy, Neutral Milk Hotel

Manolete, Weather Report

Plastic Factory, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

The Old Man’s Back Again, Scott Walker

Misumo Bo Tamo She, King Bruce & Black Beats

O’er The Hills, Martin Carthy

Jackie And Edna, Kevin Coyne

Born Secular, Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

In Love, The Raincoats

4 thoughts on “Ten Songs

  1. I did, of course, mean to say that Scott 4 was a gem…
    I did not mean to infer that Scott 4 was akin to something posh folk might spread on their afternoon scones (or is it scones?)

  2. I do like a bit of Scott. His lyrics are quite something.

    If you like lyrics please check out the Silver Jews “sometimes a pony gets depressed”

    “Happiness won’t leave me alone
    says a bird in his nest
    Get a load of this fuckin’ view
    its the best in the west “

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