Bix Bei Der Bec Ke

Those of you who enjoyed listening to Norm Sherman’s reading of “Far, Far Away” will be pleased to hear that this week’s featured story on his Drabblecast podcast is “Boiled Black Broth And Cornets”. Once again, his approach to the telling of the tale is wildly at variance with my own*. Actually, I haven’t yet read this piece on the radio, but when I do, it will sound completely different. I am very fond of Norm’s treatment, he somehow makes my words much spookier than I thought they were.

In the preamble, Norm mentions that he has just bought a copy of Gravitas, Punctilio, Rectitude & Pippy Bags. He’s obviously a very sensible man. If you haven’t yet purchased your own copy, do so now. 

* UPDATE : In a comment on the Drabblecast discussion forum, listener “tbaker2500” concurs: “Whilst listening to the story, I also heard in my head how Frank would read it. Two entirely different beasts. Frank always sounds so indifferent, Norm so earnest. ” Hmm… “indifferent”? An interesting choice of word. I think it may be the mot juste.

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