The Lion Of The Olympics

I have been giving further thought to that logo – or brand – for the 2012 Olympics. Clearly the £400,000 design is a hideous mistake and will have to be ditched and replaced at some point within the next five years. My own view is that the organising committee ought to take a cheerful, jolly image from an already proven successful brand, slap the Olympic rings on it somewhere, and have done with it. What could be better than a picture of a lion being attacked by a swarm of Africanised killer bees?


5 thoughts on “The Lion Of The Olympics

  1. What about the young lad on the Cerebos salt tubs?

    Bit more athletic than a dead lion or two blokes outside a tent Africanised Killer Bees or no…
    Or how about the inspirational figure Old Halob? (I have yet to track down a photographic representation of Fictional Athlete Bobnit Tivol)

  2. Never mind the logo: I’m fully in favour of scrapping the games themselves and spending some of the money saved on supplying a tin of Tate & Lyle’s finest to each person of syrupable age on the planet. Perhaps Silver Syrup (fashioned from parsnips) and Bronze Syrup (chiefly lions’ blood) could be handed out to runners-up who don’t quite qualify in the main event, either because they are too young, aren’t really persons, or inhabit a different planet.

  3. Hello Frank Key,
    I enjoyed your programme today as usual. Sorry to hear you are under
    the weather but, I thought, once you’d got into your stride, you were
    on your usual form. This flattery might make you feel a little insecure
    as you suspect what might be coming. yes – a correction is due; you
    mentioned the lion on the Golden Syrup tin being attacked by killer
    bees. (as i write this I suspect you must know the real meaning but i
    shall go on, although now I prefer your scenario). The lion is infact
    dead and not just dead but bees have made their hive in its dessicated
    carcass, hence the motto under the illustration ‘Out of the Strong Came
    Forth Sweetness’

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