7 thoughts on “Monopod Angel

  1. I thought it was a quiff…
    Eye-balls not withstanding…
    I’ve had an operation for that banjo on my knee…


  2. I have consulted a mildly respected hornologist who informs me that it ‘resembles the horn of a young male antelope or adolescent goat’, adding that ‘the distinct difference in shading between the object in question and the hair surrounding it suggests that it is not a tuft’.
    I don’t know whether this supports or contradicts my friend’s comments, but this is nonetheless an enjoyable illustration: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fb/Brockhaus-Efron_Antilopy2.jpg

    As for somersaults, I’m not so sure, but I can imagine it hoveringly menacingly just a few feet off the ground

  3. P.S. Do excuse the lack of sense contained within the curious phrase ‘hoveringly menacingly’…. ‘hovering with menace’ would have done the job with less flair, but much more accuracy

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