Face? Book?

As regular readers know, here at Hooting Yard we always keep abreast of the latest twaddle in the zeitgeist…or perhaps I mean the latest piffle in the Weltschmerz. Either way, it behoves me to inform you that your esteemed editor has joined the teeming millions flocking to Facebook. If you want a glimpse behind the scuffed yet elegant portals of Hooting Yard, and to gain an insight into the enigmatic mechanisms by which this site is brought to you, come and join me.

One thought on “Face? Book?

  1. It is perhaps worth mentioning for those who have not yet fully embraced the information super-highway of the Internets, and the vast, cosmic ramifications they present, that one can find (or in the Internet parlance, “Hook Up”) with Mr. Key rather easily.

    First, one must make a Facebook account. This requires you to register and divulge some amount of your personal information. If you are currently retained as a government spy or a confidential agent, I strongly suggest that you do not proceed with this first step: Your cover may be blown.

    Next, search for Mr Key by typing his name into the search box at the top of the screen.

    You may notice dozens of imposers, each claiming to be Frank Key, however only one will have the seal of officialdom, the mighty gold-on-red heraldic device that you see at the top of this site. Chose this and you will have chosen wisely, connected in an all-too-surreal sense to Mr. Key for eternity.

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