Pang Hill Picture

From the far Antipodes, Glyn Webster writes:

Frank! What I am looking at here is Prudence Foxglove visiting the Pang Hill Orphanage. The little fellow in the middle is wearing his pippy bag. Please do not tell me I am wrong.

He is not.


5 thoughts on “Pang Hill Picture

  1. I deplore Pang Hill Orphanage’s practice of over-feeding as evidenced by these morbidly obese ‘orphants’…
    How on earth can they be expected to fit into chimneys…?


  2. They are wearing cold-weather outfits thickly paddled with cotton. Much more cotton than wool must be used to provide adequate insulation. Such garments are common in the colder provinces of China. Not that am suggesting for a moment that that photo was taken anywhere but Pang Hill.

    A secondary advantage of such fat garments is that once an orphan is trained in “human cannon” techniques, it can be shot up a chimney forcing out all the soot above it in a single pop. Not that I am suggesting for a moment that the Pang Hill Orphanage would stoop to practices.

  3. Ahh, of course, cotton wadding…
    All now becomes apparent…
    I can imagine the pleasing ‘phump!’sound made as they pop out of the chimney pots…


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