When I’m 64

This morning I learned, a tad belatedly, that Hooting Yard has been voted 64th in a list of the Top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs. I confess to being utterly beflummoxed by this news, chiefly because I’m not a Liberal Democrat, have never voted Liberal Democrat, and doubt that I ever would vote Liberal Democrat. In the unlikely event that the “votes” cast in this poll were the result of human agency, as opposed to a fiendish electronic crunching exercise, then I applaud the good sense of those who voted. To reciprocate, here at Hooting Yard we did a quick straw poll to vote on our favourite Liberal Democrat. No prizes for guessing that the winner is, of course, Lembit Opik.

One brief footnote: while we’re on the subject of party politics, I am reliably informed that Michael Meacher keeps an A3 copy of the famous Hooting Yard Pontiff Mnemonic on his office wall.

8 thoughts on “When I’m 64

  1. I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that you show up on the Lib Dem bloggers aggregator. I always assume that people have asked for their own blogs to be included in that list because, well, erm, they are Lib Dem activists!

    I think it was done at least partially by voting – lots of people seems to have been asked for their twenty favourite blogs of one or more political hues – Hooting Yard must have appeared in several ones listed as Lib Dem based on the aggregator.

    Yup – just checked – you’re down there as Frank Key…



  2. Jock : Well, I suppose I should thank you for clearing that up, though I must admit I was enjoying my befuddlement. Anyway, it’s still a complete mystery to me how I ended up on the LibDem Aggregator, but maybe I should insinuate my way on to some other Aggregators too…

  3. Wasn’t that what the search engine lure on the old Hooting Yard format was for? For insinuation? Perhaps it was ‘subterfuge’ which got you on the LibDem aggregator.

  4. Frank, I cannot believe that anybody would ever accuse you of liberalism. Hooting Yard is one of my favourite pro-family, pro-life conservative web-sites. You are being too soft on these ‘liberal’ who wish to insinuate you into their own conspiracy to dis-engage America’s moral compass, and lead us all to rack and ruin.

    Yours in Christ,


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