Another Tiny Enid

We already knew there was a hen called Tiny Enid. Now it has come to my attention that, in the USA, there is a Dalmatian puppy also named after the plucky tot. Matt and Mandy (whomsoever they may be) are to be congratulated on their excellent pet-naming skills. Visit their Drop My Straw blog and you can see both a photo and a video of the canine Tiny Enid.

2 thoughts on “Another Tiny Enid

  1. I have just named my new born daughter Tiny Enid. She came out with a club foot and smoking a cigarillo, so I didn’t have much choice did I?

  2. A challenge for Claire’s next confinement: to summon the existential courage to be delivered of an intoxicated Germanic badger, and *not* call it ‘Little Severin’.

    It is only by outfacing the ostensible imperatives of sentimental destiny that we can ever call ourselves truly free.

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