The World-Famous Food-Splattered Jesuit


This is a detail from a picture which appeared long ago in the Hooting Yard Calendar 1993. I reproduce it here partly on a whim, and partly to alert readers to the fact that in the new year I will be auctioning the artwork from one or more Hooting Yard Calendars. Given that the successful bidders (if any) will be buying the original pen, pencil, Tippex, and what have you drawings, I’m hoping the sales will attract “art” prices… you know, stupid amounts of money. It could be that I’m living in a fool’s paradise, but even if that’s the case, I would like to ask readers to post expressions of interest in the Comments, so I can get an idea whether to go ahead with this harebrained scheme. An expression of interest is just that, not a commitment, and by all means post anonymously if you so wish. Oh, and I haven’t yet decided whether to auction single drawings or a whole calendar’s artwork as a set, so you might want to suggest a preference.

4 thoughts on “The World-Famous Food-Splattered Jesuit

  1. Single frames are the way to go…
    12 happy people… (unless you have used an alternative calendrical schema)
    One, of which, might be me…

  2. Is there any chance to have them hung and viewed collectively before they are scattered to the four corners? Do they belong together?

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