It Has Been An Episode

In the post, a very nice letter from Brooklyn poet Gregory Vincent St Thomasino responding to the recording of Jubilate Agno:

Dear Frank,

Once again I thank you for bringing this reading/recording to my attention. It is simply extraordinary. It is excellent, it is historical. And if I may, I think it is remarkable the having a female voice in the response, this makes the listening easier, never monotonous (never wearisome!). The voices compliment and complement each other. Smart is my affinity, my kin. He is encyclopaedic. I sense so deeply his sense of isolation, I am so deeply moved by his sense of isolation and frustration. At the 1:56 time there begins the part “For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry” and at that pont I followed along in my text. This complete reading of Jubilate Agno has not only been a pleasure and an education for me, it has been an episode.

Yours sincerely,


The letter has also been posted on Mr St Thomasino’s e-ratio postmodern poetry blog, where you will find a link to his own Elegy For Christopher Smart amid much else.

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