Singalonga Spem In Alium

There are times when one leaps out of bed and feels impelled to gather thirty-nine pals or passers-by together to execute a faultless rendition of Spem in alium by Thomas Tallis. To assist in this enterprise, here are the words, from the Sarum Rite:

Spem in alium numquam habui praeter in te Deus Israel qui irasceris et propitius erisĀ et omnia peccata hominum in tribulatione dimittis. Domine Deus, Creator coeli et terrae respice humilitatem nostram.

Englished, thus:

I have never put my hope in any other but in you, O God of Israel, who can show both anger and graciousness, and who absolves all the sins of suffering man. Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, be mindful of our lowliness.

However mindful we are of our lowliness, it may be that in our post-Christian, diverse and vibrant community hubs, trendy groovers will want to sing a more inclusive version suitable for all faiths and none. To wit:

Spem in alium numquam habui praeter in te Dobsonius Tractator qui irasceris et propitius eris et omnia peccata hominum in tribulatione dimittis. O Dobsonius, Creator tractati superbus respice humilitatem nostram.

3 thoughts on “Singalonga Spem In Alium

  1. Ah, thanks, I’d been looking for the lyrics to this. For years I’d been mishearing “eris et” as “etch-a-sketch”.

    You might also be interested to learn, as I recently did, that Jimi Hendrix is actually asking to be excused while he kisses the sky.

  2. Brit, now we all need to know what YOU thought he was asking to be excused.

    And I’m all for giving ones back to the smiters and ones cheek to those who plucketh out the hairs. That always get me in the Xmas mood

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