Huad Jardo

Those of you who have been following the comments under Birdo will be aware of kerfuffle. Brit points out that representatives of the Esperantists’ militant wing tirelessly patrol Blogshire and weigh in wherever they feel Dr L L Zamenhof’s artificial language has been in any way traduced. Mr Wellington, on the other hand, suggests translating some Hooting Yard texts into Esperanto to see if they are thereby improved.

Mr Key’s Esperantoglot pal Wolfgang Glot has come up trumps (or rather, trumpos) and dashed off this “Huad Jardo” paragraph, the opening of A Tip From A Shaman, or Pinto El Xamano, as we had better learn to call it.

“Estis pensigite al mi, de antawurba xamano, ke mi devos prezenti de mia persono, kiel parto de, mia falsas la plumaro de hoopoe. Ke ĉi tio ne estas antaŭe okazinta al mi, estis nenia dubo, ke pro aparta manko de shamanic konsiloj en mia vivo supren al tio direktas. Mi irus ĝis nun kiel diri, ke mi havis aktive, pooh-pooha manifestadojn de la mistika ĉu en la formo de shamen sorqistoj, magiistoj la blinda plej see kies tendo estis starigita de la flanko de monto aŭ vojeto, kiu pasis pretere, mia chalet.”

Future episodes of Hooting Yard On The Air on ResonanceFM may be conducted entirely in Esperanto… although, of course, that may enrage fanatical devotees of rival artificial language Glosa. What a quandary! (Or quandaryo!)

6 thoughts on “Huad Jardo

  1. Let me see if I’ve got this right…
    In essence you are saying:

    “Was having been think-ize to me, by antawurba xamano, that I will have to present from my person, how part of, my is false the feather-group of hoopoe. That this is not formerly already finished occurring to me, was no kind of doubt, that on account of an apart lack of shamanic advices in my life up to that directs. I would go to until now how to say, that I had actively, pooh-pooha manifestings of the mystic whether in the form of shamen sorqistoj, magickists the blind most iffally whose tent was stand-ize by the side of a mountain or slight way, which passed beyondally, my chalet ”


  2. This is a very positive development for Hooting Yard – I hope now that we have covered off Esperanto and other artificial languages we can move on to entirely fictional languages. There is bound to be one other than Mr. Key’s mother tongue which will supply his prose with the requisite gravitas and heft.

  3. Mr Wellington : I am sure I read somewhere that in ancient Tantarabim the natives spoke a variety of Spagbol. I will look into this and post the results of my researches.

  4. Would that be the liting tones of high (or ceremonal) Spagbol, or the coarse guttural Spagbol of the streets?

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