Disastrous Mezzotint

Upon waking this morning, my first thoughts, as ever on this date, were of the Munich Air Disaster. Having sloshed ice-cold water on my head to dispel the pangs of loss, I then happened to read an interesting piece about mezzotints, which I recommend. Weirdly, it fails to mention the noted mezzotintist Rex Tint, but you can rely on me to make good that omission. For what I recalled, over my cornflakes ‘n’ egg à la Blavatsky, was that in the early months of 1958 Rex Tint was busy with what came to be known as “the cack-handed mezzotints”. This was a set of pieces which lack the sureness of touch and the dapper brilliance of his best work, but are nevertheless of interest, no piece more so than this rather clumsy mezzotint of the Busby Babes. So on this day, let us remember them, and remember too Rex Tint, who lost his mojo, whatever that might be, over half a century ago.


One thought on “Disastrous Mezzotint

  1. Having visited the site link, I note this comment:
    “To aficionados, a revival of the technique is overdue….”
    Here, here…

    (I think my Turner Prize is ‘in the bag…’)

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