6 thoughts on “Holiday Snap

  1. Bernie Clifton’s Grandad?

    Oh god, more likely his dad. I tend to forget how old I am now and thus how very old people I remember as being ‘grown-ups’ must be.

  2. Mr.Key!
    Who is or was Bernie Clifton?
    In the words of The Residents “Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool”
    If I were you I wouldn’t fret unduly about this one.

    It does appear though that he still ‘is’ and is not yet ‘was’.

    I bet OSM knows.


  3. Mr. Key,

    In an attempt to encourage you to expand your horizons, I suggest you acquaint yourself with the following titans of contemporary culture:

    Mr Blobby
    Sir Trevor McDonald


  4. In contemporary parlance,lets not go there OSM.

    Mr Key, please note that all of those on OSM’s list are/were in fact some form of hand puppet, with one obvious exception.

    Mr Blobby was a chap (?) in a costume.

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