Much cause for cheer and wassail today, as we celebrate Rolf Harris’ eightieth birthday, or Rolfmas. As far as I recall I have never written extensively about the cultural phenomenon that is this beardy – and now octogenarian – Antipodean, but one day I shall, when my poor prose is sufficiently boosted to address it properly.


2 thoughts on “Rolfmas

  1. Hail Harris! His contributions to 20th Century music cannot be overestimated.

    Yes Cage gave us the prepared piano but Harris brought both the Stylophone AND the Wobbleboard.

    My own Stylophone hasn’t been the same since I played it down a cave in Cumbria.

    Actually I can say the same for my spine.

  2. Get with the ‘now’ Daddio…!
    Update your outmoded ‘phone for the all new Stylophone Beat Box…!

    Now, let me tell you about my back…


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