There is another flurry of outrage, in Cambridge this time, because someone has published a picture of a seventh-century mystic. Apparently, it is absolutely forbidden to draw pictures of “the prophet Mohammed”, as the mystic is known. (I worry about that definite article, as I’m sure there have been other prophets from time to time.) Back in September 2006 (scroll down to Blodgett’s Jihad) we published a picture of this fellow, and it seems like a good idea to reprint it now, if only to remind readers just how outrageous such depictions are. When you have stopped quaking with fury – and outrage, of course – you can go and read this.


3 thoughts on “Blasphemy

  1. I notice in the September posting it states that Blodgett had drawn this likeness which suggests to me that he used pencil and paper.
    I think you will find, on closer inspection, that the picture was, in fact, created with an Etch-a-Sketch or some drawing function of the Ogsby Steering Pannel.
    Tricky cove that Blodgett what?

  2. I think “Blodgett” above is an imposter.

    What’s allways bugged me about Blodgett is that of all his nefarious conspiracies he never conspired with Dobson. What perplexes me about Dobson is that he never saw fit to write a single pamphlet about Blodgett.

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