Pointy Town

Today’s Grauniad has an article asking if Brighton is the “hippest city in Britain”, whatever that might mean. (I have not provided a link to the piece, for I feel sure Hooting Yard readers have better things to do with their time.) I mention it only to note that a far more cogent question would be “Is Pointy Town The Pointiest Town In The Known Universe?” Unfortunately, this would not fill much space in a newspaper, as the answer is quite obviously “Yes, it is”. One could I suppose extrapolate upon the most pointy of the pointy attractions of Pointy Town, and perhaps one day soon I shall do so. But will the Grauniad publish it?

One thought on “Pointy Town

  1. Are you talking about the Sagrada Familia Fun Park on Polyp Lane? There was an article about it in the Life’n’Style section a few years back. The Guardian’s backpacking travel writer was invited behind the scenes to hose out the slot cars, empty sharps disposal bins and clip nose tags onto untamed performing fleas. (By “invited behind the scenes” I think she meant “press-ganged with all the other vagrants”.)

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