Cows In A Field

An exciting letter arrives from OutaSpaceman:

I don’t know why but, while researching British Seagull outboard motors, I thought of Hooting Yard. Then, yesterday, when I was out on my velocipede (which is named Potato), I passed a field of cows, and stopped to have a chat with them. As I declaimed, at length, on my conviction that they should rise up and cast off their collective yokes of oppression, I failed to notice a family group walking along the path behind me. They began to move much more quickly in the opposite direction.

Clearly the family had not read Dobson’s pamphlet How To Conduct Yourself When Encountering A Cyclist Speaking With Cows In A Field (out of print).

OutaSpaceman enclosed a delightful photograph of the cows he met:


2 thoughts on “Cows In A Field

  1. Indeed Mr. Shuddery,
    I used the daguerréotype functionality of my portable metal tapping machine…
    In these days of “convergence” portable metal tapping machines (PMTM) are fast become anything but portable…
    Lumbered as they now are with anchors, bradawls, compasses, ditch locators, encephalographs, gewgaws, Harrison clamps, ink mixers, jug reamers, knowledge hubs, Linnet beakers, mole probes, nodule scrapers, orreries, pine knotters, quintain bearing oilers, rending spoons, sand shovels, trace elements, ultramicroscope, Van de Graaff generator, whisks, xanthan gum applicator, yadda yadda yadda and Zeppelin cranks it’s a wonder I have a pippy bag big enough to store it in…
    Coupled with the increasing brewhaha regarding the placing of pneumatic power towers, needed to facilitate the PMTM network, in the vicinity of orphanages, one can only conclude that it’s days are numbered…

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