Light Reflecting Booster Technology

It is with some trepidation that I announce an imminent court case. For a long time I turned a blind eye to the continued boasts of the L’Oreal company that some of their shiny hair products are enhanced by Light Reflecting Booster Technology. I am appalled that they continue to make this claim in their television adverts despite numerous letters urging them to desist. Well, I have been provoked far enough. Here at Hooting Yard we will be suing L’Oreal for infringement of intellectual property rights. Regular readers will be aware that every single word that appears on this website, and every word broadcast in the associated podcasts, could not have been wrenched from the innermost depths of Mr Key’s soul without Hooting Yard’s very own Light Reflecting Booster Technology. We got there first, L’Oreal!

P.S. : If anyone can recommend a suitably shabby and cheap solicitor, please get in touch. Because I’m worth it.

One thought on “Light Reflecting Booster Technology

  1. Frank, this may aid you with you your important court case:

    I should note that this “Tristan Shuddery” is a charlatan. He is no L. Ron Hubbard crossing the Atlantic with a schooner full of cult-fanatics and incompetents but an an imposter of the tawdry kind. He is content to sit at his slovenly escritoire and pen this sort of bilge until the cows come home (if indeed they ever do, as I am told he writes from a hut on an unidentified coastline that has been certified cow-free).

    You may remember that this man is the disgraced former dean of Dobson studies at the University of Ack, an institution whose reputation whose name will forever be besmirched by association with this pontificating fool.

    You may remember the times when the leading Dobsonists of our age, lined up to denounce his name, to rip his contributions from important looking indexes and concordances. And you more than anybody will know the grim, glum faces of those Dobsonian scholars whenever his name is mentioned.

    Nevertheless, if the out of print pamphlet referenced by this grandiose pedlar of nincompoopery does exist it will clearly demonstrate that boosting technology existed long before a certain French purveyor of cosmetic pap saw fit to incorporate it into their worthless products.

    I for one intend show my support by starting a Downing St. Web Petition in the hope of bringing this matter to the attention of parliament. Perhaps David Blunkett, or possibly Lembit Opik will come to your aid.

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