From B To Z

A thought has occurred to me – possibly a rather foolish one, but then, many of my thoughts are foolish, as I have no doubt are many if not most of yours, dear readers. The previous postage, because it took for its subject the thirteen Bierce siblings, all of whose names began with A, I chose to entitle ‘A’. Once posted, I noted the elegant simplicity of it upon the screen, in contrast to all those postage titles formed of whole words and phrases, some of which, distressingly, fail to fit neatly on to a single line. This is when the foolish thought bubbled up in my brain. Mayhap, I thought, I should entitle the next twenty-five postages alphabetically, from B to Z. Their subject matter would, of course, be constrained by the letter of their title. Thus I would be following an Oulipian procedure for a couple of weeks at least.

Whether or not this thought becomes a plan and then an actuality, well, who can say?

File under vague, ill-thought, pointless twaddle.

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