I have decided that K, in our alphabetic schedule, stands for Knowledge. More specifically, this postage is about the status of Knowledge, how we know what we know, and how we can “know” things which we know are untrue. Actually, the real reason K stands for Knowledge is simply that I wanted to advert to this splendid postage by backwatersman. Having read just the title, and been astounded, I now “know” that…

The last words of the Emperor Napoleon were “weasel trappers may be lurking in your area”.

Alas and alack! I then continued to read the full postage, and though I was mightily entertained – and learned a thing or two – I was shattered to discover that these were not Napoleon’s last words, nor had anybody ever claimed them to be. But to look on the bright side, there is a part of my brain that will always have the comfort of once, very briefly, on this day, having “known” that they were.

I am happy to admit that this was a pretty desperate attempt to shoehorn an otherwise K-free postage into my scheme. I could have waited for M for Misreading, or N for Napoleon, or even W for Weasel, but I was impatient. You will thank me for it one day.

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  1. Backwatersman : Congratulations! You may be pleased to learn that yours was the 2000th approved comment to appear at Hooting Yard since the site’s rejig in January 2007.

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