Dabbling With Terror

Dabbler-3logo (1)This week, my cupboard over at The Dabbler contains a story so terrifying that big tough persons, wrestlers and dockside brawlers and such, have been known to quake in their boots when reading it. When it originally appeared, some years ago, it was voted the “tale most likely to disarm a ruffian bent on brutality” by the Association For The Disarming Of Brutes And Ruffians By Means Of Prose And Verse (Registered Charity No. 2). This is a very worthy organisation which Hooting Yard is pleased to promote. A percentage of the money we receive in donations is diverted from the Fund For Distressed Out Of Print Pamphleteers to help the Association continue its work, which, weirdly, is both valuable and invaluable. Click that button to the right and please give generously.

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