Dabble, Drabble

Dabbler-3logo (1)In my cupboard at The Dabbler this week, as promised, a small addendum to Sabine Baring-Gould Week. You can forget all about The Little Shop Of Horrors and consider instead The Little Shop Of Roger Giles, surely the finest emporium ever to grace the West of England.

Meanwhile, continuing the Hooting Yard Global Outreach service, the fourth and final sponsored episode of The Drabblecast includes an extract from I Had A Hammer, and the inimitable Norm Sherman reading a snippet from Brit’s review of Impugned By A Peasant & Other Stories. If I have not already done so, I must take this opportunity to bestow a thousand thanks upon the bonce of Salim Fadhley, onlie begetter of the whole sponsorsip hoo-hah.

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