Inaccurate Almanacke

Dabbler-3logo (1)This week over at The Dabbler I am afraid I have had to issue a set of corrections and clarifications to Old Key’s Almanacke for 2011. As I point out, the errors in the original were probably due to the wrong kind of ectoplasm on the line, the “line” in this case being an invisible thread strung between the corporeal world and the eldritch realms inhabited by the shade of Old Key himself.

The mysterious prognosticator can, however, already claim a triumph of foresight in the first week of the year. Old Key noted that birds fall out of the sky when petulant Ozymandias, King of Kings, gets one of his temper tantrums, and what do we find? In Arkansas, blackbirds have plummeted from the blue, while flocks of jackdaws have crashed to earth in Sweden.

One thought on “Inaccurate Almanacke

  1. Where I live in Galway, gangs of swans fell dead from the sky. Their lake was frozen, so they couldn’t rehydrate. Mad.

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