The Clue Is In The Dabbler

Dabbler-3logo (1)It’s quiz time, readers! Limber up those cranial integuments and see if you can answer the following brain-teaser:

Who wrote these words?

“Our phaeton was a small, white, swan-shaped carriage, ornamented with golden designs, and propelled by a galvanic battery in the graceful swan-head, which at my request took the place of the ordinary steed. This was, to me, an exceedingly novel mode of travel, which my short sojourn in the spirit world had prevented me from before enjoying.”

Was it : A) Washington Irving, or B) the spirit-form of Washington Irving, transmitting its thoughts by mysterious means from its habitation in ethereal realms?

You will find a clue to the correct answer through a careful reading of the contents of my cupboard in today’s Dabbler.

Meanwhile, here at Hooting Yard, I will have a few things to say about the important topic of galvanic batteries embedded in the graceful heads of swans, soon, soon.

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