Global Dominion (Continued)

And still the onward march of Hooting Yard into every nook and cranny in the universe continues, unstoppable! The latest place we have wormed our way into is the Public Domain Review, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation. The Public Domain Review is, as it says, “exactly what it says on the tin: a web-based review of works which have entered the public domain. Each week an invited contributor presents an interesting or curious work with a brief accompanying text giving context, commentary and criticism.”

This week’s invited contributor is your very own Mr Key, who was asked to write a brief piece introducing that inimitable masterpiece Jubilate Agno. The lovely people at the Review have added the audio of the legendary ResonanceFM recording (an outtake of which appeared here the other day), so now you know exactly what to do with the next three hours of your nasty, brutish and short life.

ADDENDUM : On the subject of global dominion, WordPress keeps me alerted to mentions of Hooting Yard wherever and whenever they occur. And today, I am pleased – albeit rather beflummoxed – to learn that Unthinkable Consulting, on its ‘delicious’ feed, recommends the “offbeat brilliance” of Hooting Yard, “an example of a gift-based literary business model”. Well, at long bloody last. Ever since I started tippy-tapping the contents of this website over seven years ago, I have been waiting for somebody to acknowledge that, all along, I have been constructing a gift-based literary business model, daddy-o.

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