Could It Be… ?

Dear Mr Key, writes Dr Stan Bismark, Whilst ripping out an old fireplace in my very own hovel I found, amongst a lot of bird poop, dead crows and other muck, a small package tied up with rusty wire.  On opening  the package all it contained was a small card-mounted photo of a style which I think is called carte de visite.  On the back of the photo in green ink was written the following: “Dobson, shortly befor he died” [sic].  Do you think this could be your very own pamphleteer?  I attach a copy of the photo.




















One thought on “Could It Be… ?

  1. Haggard (check)
    Grimy countenance (check)
    Disheveled Hovel (check)
    Rental Broom (check)

    Now if only we could use some Kennedy-assassinationesque image enhancement techniques to detect a fluttering pamphlet or perhaps a care-worn Marigold Chew in the background… oh then we Dobsonists would have cause for celebration.

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