In My Dabblebag

Dabbler-3logo (1)Over at The Dabbler this week, a note on bags, on holes in bags, on monks and moths, on palaces of the Tsar, on corridors in those palaces, on Yoko Ono. Is it, then, a set of notes rather than a single note? Perhaps so, and I should be more precise in my title. “A Note On Bags” should be about bags, and nothing but bags. But of course there are all sorts of bags, from the pippy to the tea, so I would need to spell out precisely what bags my note was about, if it were about nothing but bags, and had nothing to add on holes and monks and moths and palaces and Tsars and corridors and Yoko Ono, but it concerns itself with all those things, so the title as given is a misnomer. “An Imprecisely-Named Note On Bags” might do the trick, or “A Set Of Notes On Bags And Other Things”. What a palaver.

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